Monday, October 14, 2013


The fact that wishes are being translated bit by bit is an exciting feeling. Not that everything was a cakewalk. Struggle comes in fancy ways too.  There's a lot yet to be converted, in the wishes department that is.
There is this one important thing which has been evading me. Mostly, it stays on the periphery and almost looks like it is going to happen but boom! the bubble doesn't take long to burst. And is it a fact to be rejoiced that you are always the confidante, the one to be relied upon, the one to fall back on, the sounding board?
It takes a lot to be all of that because you are always the good, easygoing one, the one who can't afford to be in the bad books. And they say it takes two to tango, then were you being wrong in taking the hints?
It may be nothing at all, everything being a figment of the wayward imagination.
Folklore says, things are meant to be. So let it be. Do we have an option of adding new dimensions to them?
Funny that the environmental storm feels like a reflection of the internal storm.