Saturday, April 7, 2012

What do I want?

1. A room full of sunlight
2. Sheer curtains
3. A clutter free room
4. A CD-player (that plays my favorite music on loop)
5. Stress-free job that pays well (Oxymoron much?)
6. A camera, DSLR to be precise :-)
7. A run in a garden
8. Swim in the ocean
9. Cool wind in my hair
10. Raindrops on my face
11. A day in a dusty library among decade old books (oh! the smell of old pages)
12. A book shelf
13. Go camping
14. A car
15. Happiness
16. A late night drive around Delhi
17. Hugs
18. Laughter (that ends up in watery eyes and a stomach that hurts and you are gasping for oxygen. Yeah that!)
19. Coffee
20. A guitar
21. Music, music and more music
22. Being happy high and knowing what tripping on life means
23. A chocolate a day
24. Lightening fast internet
25. A beautiful house overlooking the sea
26. A huge kitchen
27. Big wardrobe
28. That someone special who is yet to make an appearance
29. Peace
30. Freeze the peace at night
31. Holidaying (across the world)


peter said...

Well that's it ?? u are not demanding at all !

Shruti said...

Well that's me! :)

Nik said...

I wish for some of them too. But end up with a burdened mind.

So I take a nap. :P You do the same. :) :P

Shruti said...

@nik- Take a nap and forget about them? Why would you do that lol?
Keeping a list atleast ensures you're on your toes all the time to fulfill one of them. =)

ahmad naeem Bhatti said...
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nahidworld said...

nice post.thank's to sharing this is a good post.

Anonymous said...

have you listened to that cd or are you just using the picture? =)

Akshita Gupta said...

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