Saturday, April 7, 2012

What do I want?

1. A room full of sunlight
2. Sheer curtains
3. A clutter free room
4. A CD-player (that plays my favorite music on loop)
5. Stress-free job that pays well (Oxymoron much?)
6. A camera, DSLR to be precise :-)
7. A run in a garden
8. Swim in the ocean
9. Cool wind in my hair
10. Raindrops on my face
11. A day in a dusty library among decade old books (oh! the smell of old pages)
12. A book shelf
13. Go camping
14. A car
15. Happiness
16. A late night drive around Delhi
17. Hugs
18. Laughter (that ends up in watery eyes and a stomach that hurts and you are gasping for oxygen. Yeah that!)
19. Coffee
20. A guitar
21. Music, music and more music
22. Being happy high and knowing what tripping on life means
23. A chocolate a day
24. Lightening fast internet
25. A beautiful house overlooking the sea
26. A huge kitchen
27. Big wardrobe
28. That someone special who is yet to make an appearance
29. Peace
30. Freeze the peace at night
31. Holidaying (across the world)