Monday, August 13, 2012


Must write more. Must make it a point to write. Must ensure that I visit this space at least once a week.
I'm happy with the way India has performed at the Olympics. The underdogs that India is! Really proud. Yay!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

What do I want?

1. A room full of sunlight
2. Sheer curtains
3. A clutter free room
4. A CD-player (that plays my favorite music on loop)
5. Stress-free job that pays well (Oxymoron much?)
6. A camera, DSLR to be precise :-)
7. A run in a garden
8. Swim in the ocean
9. Cool wind in my hair
10. Raindrops on my face
11. A day in a dusty library among decade old books (oh! the smell of old pages)
12. A book shelf
13. Go camping
14. A car
15. Happiness
16. A late night drive around Delhi
17. Hugs
18. Laughter (that ends up in watery eyes and a stomach that hurts and you are gasping for oxygen. Yeah that!)
19. Coffee
20. A guitar
21. Music, music and more music
22. Being happy high and knowing what tripping on life means
23. A chocolate a day
24. Lightening fast internet
25. A beautiful house overlooking the sea
26. A huge kitchen
27. Big wardrobe
28. That someone special who is yet to make an appearance
29. Peace
30. Freeze the peace at night
31. Holidaying (across the world)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


This is crazy!
Just see this------->

Yesterday night, on a whim, did this.
Didn't get it? Zoom the picture dumbos! Aaaand look at the follower count (and then the following count).. Geddit? Ok now we are on the same page.
And I am rolling on the couch laughing at the trivial things in life we give so much attention to.
Allow me to conclude on that philosophical shitty note-- Life moves on.

Edited to add: The handle @Fhrooti is back!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Oh! It's 2012 already?

Happy New Year!

So it's 2012 and the world is supposed to end by this December. Geeee!! This leaves us with exactly 12 months and 5 days to do what all we wish to do. :)

The beginning of the year was a roller coaster ride for my family. There was an emergency and I can't thank God enough that it all went so smoothly. That one moment when I looked into my mom's eyes and said, "You don't have to worry about me. Consider me as the son of the house!" will stay etched in my mind.

What else? I WANT a new job- a cool, well paying and a stress-free job (which has a non-existent boss!! :D). No I don't mean a showroom mannequin when I use those adjectives for a job! But sigh! do jobs like that still exist?

Changed my twitter handle twice today, out of sheer boredom! I know I could have spent my Sunday hitting on some season's sale shopping in the neighborhood mall but considering my present bankrupt status, any sort of shopping will have to wait till the next salary. But nonetheless, bankrupt or whatever I feel proud of the fact that my past few months' savings came in handy when it was needed the most.

And finally! I will finally accept the fact (out in the open) that I AM looking for that 'someone special'. Wherever he is, can he make an appearance fast fast fast? *insert shy smile and rosy blush*

Now what? I don't know why but I've just not been able to finish 'The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand'. I'm on Pg 634 and the dialogoues-that-seem-to-go-forvever between Keating and Toohey is so yawn-inducing. But hey, I did like the book. Have also penned down a review too on some book site. Most of the book was finished in the Metro while travelling to work. But you know how bloody chilly the Delhi winters can get, so reading while travelling has been kept aside for another month.

Okay! Too much khichdi in one post. Will meet again. So hungry, man. Have had no lunch today. Need to get into that warm blanket soon. It's a moody working Monday tomorrow..Ciao!