Sunday, January 23, 2011

I think. I talk. You listen. You forget!

Mindless rambling ahead

How do you plan things? Have you ever wondered if you had not been behaving the way you were all this while, how else would you've behaved? Sometimes you think A in your head, but B comes out of your mouth. You don't do it intentionally, something, like a force makes you do it. I don't know what it is, but you want to say something, but when the thoughts transform into words, it ends up as something else. Strange but true! Not every emotion, not every thought can be rightly expressed. You may want to term them as inexplicable feelings. The funny thing about them is, in your head you're pretty sure of what you want to say but when it comes down to verbalizing it, you end up not being sure!

Have you tried speaking to yourself? As in, shutting up yourself in a room and having a heart to heart chat with your own self, whenever you feel down and out? If you haven't, then try it. It's so therapeutic. You feel the stress melting away into nothingness. When you think about your problems in your mind, the so called problems have this tendency to attach wings by itself and swell up into bigger monsters. And you don't even realize, all this is happening in your head and not in reality. That's when talking to yourself helps. You may just wanna record your ramblings in your phone and then listen to it afterwards. Trust me, you'll just laugh it off! So all that you thought was weird ends up seeming trivial.

Have you noticed, how everyone keeps telling you about having your life sorted out. That you need to have certain goals in life to make your life seem worthwhile, to you. What if you don't know about yourself? What if, you're one of those individuals who have a lot going on in their mind and picture them clearly in their head but still cannot get down to turning them into reality? Does it happen with you? Or do you belong to that category of people who have their whole life charted out in their diary? You're not sure, where to start from, what path to take?

Life is funny. Life is weird. You have one life to live. One fine day, you wake up, sit down and notice where you're headed to. Having your life figured out is perhaps, the most difficult things to do. Have you figured it out? Do you believe in taking each day as it comes and discovering new things about yourself? Have I figured it out yet? No. Things are jumbled up in my mind. There's so much to do, so much to learn, so many moments to live.

I didn't intend this post to sound like just another 'life post'. The other day, FB told me that I used the word 'life' 13 times in my status updates last year!! And the word 'people' 17 times. Gosh! I kept wondering, when did I become so philosophical? Talking about the aspects of life is, to some extent, directly proportional to philosophy. Phew! I need the spice back in my posts. Guess I should feed myself with some PJs to knock some humor in my head. By the way, I'm more active on twitter. I keep doling out funny one-liners every now and then out there, atleast that's what the people say. =)

When I'm not here, you can always find me here. People keep asking me whether I've stopped writing and I want to tell them, "Hell No!". Then I realized, you cannot always get away with excuses like 'writer's block' (even though that may be true), every single time, coz that makes you feel as if you're some great writer and people have been dying to read your next post!! I've been tweeting like a maniac, you see. *shy school girl grin*
See you around, very soon, I promise. :]

Pic Courtesy: Pilfered from Google