Thursday, July 15, 2010


This blog seems to be dead! Ugh!
High time I wrote something. It’s nothing to do with proving my writing skills (or the utter lack of it!! :D) to the world outside, but just to give solace to myself that I can still manage to jot down something of my own.

Oh! BTW there are ‘n’ number of posts still lying in my drafts folder which never saw the light of the day. Each time I thought of posting them, they either needed editing or I was just being plain lazy to publish them. Now, beat that! Excuses done, now let’s get down to business.

Okay, I am presently in a very grumpy and cranky mood. Oh! Did I just use two synonyms together? All right, consider it as grumpy X 2= f*****g irritated.

A lot of things have happened in the past few months.
I passed out of B-school, got placed in that oh-so-famous group of a company, went to Mumbai for induction, had the most awesome time of my life there, fell in love with that place and tada! have a job but guess what? the usual- I am stuck in a bland job (Did I say anything new? No.) Happens to the best of us. That’s how I’ll console myself. Meh!


*Digresses* *rattles on from here*

What happened to all the men, oh dear lord?

They seem to be chickening out of situations, have suddenly become so coy and demure (yes, that’s exactly what they are becoming!!!!). Why can’t they leave all that to the ladies? After all, it’s they who are supposed to be shy and all that. Right?

They have stopped taking initiatives in key situations, can’t seem to be getting evident hints (forget subtle hints :/). I have a serious doubt here. Are they just being plain stupid or acting as if they are not understanding things? You are not dumbheads. Are you?

Infact, poor guys don't know how boring they have become nowadays. Learn something from your contemporaries people. With this I am not asking you to be chivalrous or anything. We can handle ourselves, and you know that. Just let your inner demons out!! Surprised? Go, figure.
The worst part is when they put on a fake demeanor of being super busy and all that, when they are not. Don't make an ass out of yourself. Whom are you fooling?

Are the norms being reversed, the clich├ęs being questioned?
Are the gender roles being swapped?
Women are increasingly becoming straightforward. They are not shying away from taking the first step. They won’t wait any longer, they don't need to!!

It’s a duvidhajanak situation- a serious concern which needs to be addressed. We can’t let the men move into a shell and then wait to be serenaded in a grand old school type of way. They have lost all that qualities somewhere during the evolution process. Hmph!

Come out guys, out of that cocoon and that protective shield which you have crafted around yourself. Look at what you have made out of yourself. If you have problems being normal, lay your hands on some book which teaches you the basics of men traits (hah, if there is a thing like that). Read, memorize and implement your roles and how you are supposed to be.*chuckles* Ok, that's just an idea. I guess you are smart enough to prevent and stop any further damage to your species ;)
And most importantly, stop acting like morons coz you are not. Why fake it out? Re-evaluate yourself. Hope you know what I mean.

Stop being wimps. Just be what you are supposed to be (and used to be once)- MEN!!!