Friday, December 4, 2009

Things that are bothering me presently!

1. My routine- Why on earth do I wake up at 6 a.m. in the harsh Delhi winters, almost 3 hrs before I leave for college? Am I sincere, dedicated student or a chronic early-riser? The answer is a big NO. Then pray why? *wonders*

2. Winters- My relationship with this season has been a love-hate thingy. I love it coz of the sunshine, good food, great clothes, long nights, good sleep. I hate it coz of the dark broody early mornings, freezing water, dry skin, cough-cold..

3. College- 1 year and 4 months into this place and my opinion about it has still not changed. It sucks! Though this term has been interesting, thanks to one particular lecturer who makes the class as lively and exciting as he is. Everyone seems to be going gaga over him, specially the girls. *chuckles*

4. Dissertation- For the uninitiated it is the winter project(some research stuff) which I have to submit asap. And I just don't feel like doing it. Mainly coz of the fact, my summer project(something for I worked like REAL HARD) was inaccurately evaluated by the bee-skool(sic!) and some losers were freely awarded grades, so there the motivation to work hard again, goes out of the window!

5. 24*7 Internet- This was a boon initially, but it seems to have transformed my life completely. I am overtly dependent on it and my life seems to be nauseatingly revolving around it. And it's kind of a curse now.

6. Uncertainty- I still don't seem to have any clear ideas about my plans, forget making strategies that is so heartily expected out of an MBA student. So I can safely say that "Hey! I don't know where will I be or what will I be doing 6 months down the line." (I sincerely hope my future recruiter is not reading this one!)

7. Career- Oh well! This doesn't even need an explanation.

8. Insomnia- Well yes I am kind of an insomniac, though the degree is not sky-high. It does attack sometimes and it's funny coz I so wanna crash down but I end up doing nonsensical activities bartering my love for a good night's sleep.

9. Hairstyle- Funny but I am forever confused between wearing my hair long or short! For once I want all the curls & length to remain but the very next moment I feel like getting them chopped off & straightened. Dilemma man!

10. Staying away- It's great staying away from folks for a host of granted reasons. But then I also keep travelling every 15 days or so back home. So most of the time my mind is in a half-here half-there kind of a situation.

.. and lots more!


Nirmal said... love delhi's winter, you will have to come here...

Abhinav said...

God bless you as well!

sickboy said...
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kaka said...

i am following 1 during exams.....hi5 on 2 and i dont have an opinion about my college....this post would apply for me except for 6 and 10 and for 9 i dont know if i have any hairstyle...i just keep it messy

Mads said...

uhuh :P

Shruti said...

@nirmal- yeah delhi winters wil seem minuscule to u !!
look wat d US of A has done to u :P

Shruti said...

@abhinav- We all need His blessings!

Shruti said...

@kaka- lol

Shruti said...

@mads-ahem :P

sawan said...

hopefully u r preparing urself on #7 since interview sessions are nearing :P