Thursday, December 31, 2009

A new year post- Looking back and looking ahead..

It's overwhelming to see how time flies away! Memories of the past just whisked past me a few hours ago when I was trying to catch a wink after a tiring day of giving an exam. It had only been a while and I woke up startled. Tossing and turning, I was trying to sleep but then all those sad & happy moments just flash-backed its way through my mind, not just the incidents of the present year but also the memories that made up the decade that is going to end in a few hours from now.

2010 is going to be a milestone year, more so as it's the beginning of a new decade. And it were these digits which were reiterating in my mind. I still remember the starting of this millennium and everyone was making such a big fuss about 2000 being a landmark year. I vividly remember the new year's eve back then. I was 13 and in standard 8th and as excited as any other teenager that day. We had brought lots of cakes and were playing some great music the whole evening. And 'Titanic' was being shown for the first time on Star Movies that night. Till about a few years back, all major releases where premiered on the small screen after a gap of about 3-4 years, so it was a big deal back then. Before the X'mas holidays begun that year, some of my friends had decided to celebrate the new year by sitting at home and watching Titanic and yes, I was also one of them :) We guys had gone onto lengths discussing the movie and specially dissecting the make-out scenes(over enthusiastic teens that we were!! :D)
I was excited because I was gonna watch it for the 1st time(imagine 3 years after it released inspite of the hype it had!). So mom n me saw it and I remember giving shy smiles to her during the so called 'scenes'.

Fast forward to this day. It's been 10 years since the Titanic night and things are so different. I have so many things at my disposal which I never had back then. I am 10 years more matured, more aware of things, and in a better mental shape. And also the adage that I swear by- "This too shall pass" holds so true that one realizes it only when the transformation of a bad phase into a good phase happens. Nothing ever was, nor will be permanent. One understands the significance of what happened or not happened much much later in time. So many of them feels just right today, which at one point of time felt so so bad and one would be wallowing in self-pity over them.

I have never ever in my life, made any new year resolutions. Why? Maybe coz I have never really given a thought to it. Was it coz I have never been dead serious about life or plans? I have no idea. Maybe I just don't believe in binding my life to a list of pre-determined activities. Though I don't deny that I have planned things or activities in life. It feels great jotting down a "Things to do" list, but somehow there would be rarely a 10 on ten tick percentage on it. Planning is great but sometimes unplanned and 'out of the blue' incidents go a long way in changing the track of life and I would affirm, has happened a lot of times with me.

Why do I feel 2010 is going to be milestone year?

Reason 1- Mainly coz of the fact that college will be ending and as of now I have no plans of studying anything major in the future, unless destiny and God has some other plans for me. I still can't believe that I have managed to survive in this place. I still remember all that quitting plans I had made when I realized the kind of subjects that they taught in 1st yr MBA was just not my cup of tea and had almost deduced that MBA eligibility criteria should be commerce grads & not sciencies n arties like me. It was not without difficulties that I managed to stick on with this place. Counting the years on fingers gives an ultimate high..2008..2009.. n now 2010. It feels like yesterday when I had stepped in that hostel and hated it to the core. How I had to keep a smiling face and accommodating persona throughout first year in that place dealing with a psycho roommate! I had never been more happy when I left that place and thank God, my place of stay this year was a lot peaceful. I have mentioned the feeling of hatred that I have felt towards the college in earlier posts, but I am surprised by the change in my attitude towards the college and friends here. I have lately realized that accepting them as they are, allowing them a sneak peek into your life, opening up to them, mingling freely and doing stupid activities gives a sense of utmost joy & also negates the pressure the college puts on you to a great extent .Group studies, work load, projects and assignments have never been more fun as it's now. Things are in great shape now.

Reason 2- More than anything else. I am sure this year is going to be doubly hectic with all that job hunting process and the seemingly eternal never ending exams that my college puts me through.

I don't know why but I feel a strong urge now to thank my folks for giving me everything- the resources to study,the love, affection and support. No matter how bad or good I am feeling, I know they are just a call away and I can vent to my heart's content with them. Who else but my parents have the patience to listen to my wails? I have lost count of the number of times I have subjected them to being my sounding board! I know I get difficult sometimes but I am not bad either! Thank you mom for being my biggest support system and thank you dad for just being there and understanding me. Love you :)

I will also never forget my boss at Ranbaxy- the ultimate epitome of a female authoritarian boss! Nor will I ever forget her words and whatever she said to me. Towards the end of the stint there, she may have been a bit harsh, but it all feels 'at place' now. She will be an icon for life. It was only after my term there that all the management fundas fell into place and into my brains. I learnt a lot and will value the time spent there forever.

Life sure is one big mystery. You never know what's gonna happen tomorrow and what each day will unfold for you. But the mystery is what makes it exciting. As I have always felt, predictability is boring and it's exciting to be taken unawares(obviously in a good way!).
With this I would use this space to wish everyone a super happy, cheerful and prosperous new year filled with great moments, and of course I wish myself the same.

Bidding adieu to 2009..n here's welcoming 2010 with glee! Happy new year :)


peter said...

happy new year :)
I saw titanic back then too (yeah alone)
May your next 10 years be nicer and awesomer (yah made that up) !

Gaurav Kant Goel said...

A very happy new year!!! ;)

Mads said...

titanic ka part was cute :P
and hi5 abt psycho roomie :D wish i cud bitch abt them...but ppl from my college read my blog...*sigh*
happy new year :D have a great one ahead :)

Sharad Sharma said...

Amazing how you remember events from 10 years ago in quite significant detail :) I failed miserably in such an attempt!

Wish you and yours a Happy New Year.. Good luck on the job hunt


Shruti said...

@peter- see even u remember that day :)
It was one of a kind no! after all 2000 tha!
Thanx.. wishin u d same :) let it be wah-summer-n-winter for u ;)

Shruti said...

@gaurav- Best wishes for the new yr!

Shruti said...

@mads- hehe..koi naa baby! come n bitch abt 'em here.. yahan koi nahi padega! :D
N wishin u a fun-filled n xciting new year :)

Shruti said...

@sharad- Yeah, I know I have a fairly decent n strong memory.. i tend to remember even the minutest details ;)
U shud also try diggin in the long lost remnants of life n invoking ur memory!!'twud be fun then :D

Thanx! Wishin u a gr8 yr ahead :)

The Solitary Writer said...

hey titanic bit was good ....happy new yr,, god bless u and ur family :)

Hopeless Romantic said...

happy new yr, all the best, take care!


Gymnast said...

Have a great year ahead!

Ashutosh Singh said...

Nice post, assuring, deep, and thoughtful :)
Is the mental stability and all true?Have you really found it?

Shruti said...

@ste- thnx.. u too a wonderful yr :)

Shruti said...

@amit- Hv a lovely yr ahead :)

Shruti said...

@gymnast- u too hv a gr8 yr !

Shruti said...

@ashutosh- Thanks :)
Mental stability doesn't come easy !

NesQuarX said...

Hahah, I remember spending the millenium changeover night the same way! Coo!

I believe life is to be savoured one delicious moment at a time. Yeah, then the side goal is to maximize the delicious moments... have a good time doing that!

Ashish said...

Happy new year

Without using any metaphors I would like to say that I too experienced the same things here at my college 2007-2008-2009 and now 2010... at beginning there was lot of expectation after landing up at a place called(so-called) the best engineering college in India yes IIT Kharagpur; but within few months we realized if this is the best what would be the condition of others... :P

However, as you said life is like cricket you never know when the game changes... it's full of surprises... and I kindaa enjoy my college-life :D

wishing you success in your exams and job-placements :)

Sundeep said...

Happy New Year...

Anonymous said...

10 years ago, I was in the last year of college, so definitely older than you :). You'd think I'd still have less excitement in watching the rated-scenes, but what you described is as how I remember it too ;)...hehe.

Cut to 2010 - I share my anticipation of getting over with my MBA, too! Whew. What a couple of years its been - exec MBA or normal MBA - the torture is most obviously the same!

And New Year Resolutions - none at all. If nothing else, a deep appreciation of life, and the pursuit of adventure would be how I state it :).

Happy New Year!! And here's also wishing you lots and lots of luck!!

Shruti said...

@NesQuarX- :)
Well said!! "maximize the delicious moments" :D
Everyone should do that..

Shruti said...

@ashish- Oh c'mon an IIT is still an IIT. What's in a name? If u ask me, i would say 'a lot'!!..coz once an IITian..always an IITian. :-)

N i have always felt that whatever feels like crap today, few yrs down the line the same thing will make us smile.

Glad to know u enjoy ur college!

Thanx for the wishes, i so need 'em! :)

Shruti said...

@sundeep- Wishing u too a very happy new year!

Shruti said...

Oh yes, it still sends those tingles, isn't it? ;)
Guess it's not just me who feels the same about the oh-so-hyped MBA!!
Before joining it, one feels so uber cool about doing an MBA, but when it actually becomes a part of life-it becomes a torturous thing!!..LOL

N that's a great way of welcoming the new year-appreciating life n getting ready for adventures!!

Thanks Shikha! Wishing u lots of luck n have a great n rocking year ahead!! :)

Shruti said...

@shikha- the last comment was for u! Missed on mentioning ur name !

Anonymous said...

"Uber-cool" just about describes it ;). And you know what I now feel about people who say they're embarking on an MBA... esp. the guys/girls who turned up as my juniors last year? "Poor hapless things. They're not even gonna realize what hit them, once they're done with the first few weeks of the first quarter!".

And of course, the smirks that we Undergoing-MBA-Greats give each other, when someone mentions "competitive advantage" and "moving up the value chain" priceless :D.

Dhanya said...

Eylo ;) Happy New Year, fellow Nair girl! I remember seeing Titanic with cousins and we were oh-so-embarrassed coz of those 'scenes' :P

Have a great year ahead! :)

The Illuminator said...

10 years ago new year was not a big deal for me. It still isn't. Nonetheless, I do agree about the end-of-year-nostalgia bit...we all go thru it whether we like it or not.

LOL @ the MBA and the non-techie/artsy background bit. I know how it feels, especially if you take finance.

"my sounding board'' - Typo.

PS: Your seems a fun blog to read! I am gonna follow it whenever possible.

sawan said...

Happy New Year Shruti. All the very best for ur xams and job huntin sessions. m jealous of ur sharp memory which retains portions of life 10 yrs back with such crystal clear image :D

Shruti said...

@dhans- Ah! Sweetheart that u r.. <3 u !! :-)

Shruti said...

@The Illuminator- It's only during the new year that one tends to actually ponder over the year gone by!!

.. n that's why i didn't take up finance, infact i had decided in my 1st yr itself that even if someone is willing to offer me a billion bucks for finance, i would never ever take it.. such is the enmity towards the subject!! :D

It's not a typo.. it's an exclamation mark!

Thanx for dropping by n following :)

Shruti said...

@ Shikha-
U bet!! i was thinkin exactly the same thing wen i saw the juniors this yr- "The excited looks on the faces won't stay there for long" !!

LOL@Undergoing-MBA-Greats :P

oh yes! all those mba jargons.. whenever we now get 2 hear it, it's like ..ok dude, we r immune to all that jazz!! ;)

Shruti said...

@sawan- Hey thanx!
God! u seem to be frantically reading n commenting on all of my posts of late!!
n i guess by now,u've successfully managed to comment on all of 'em !
Would have been a tough job i m imagining.. :)

sawan said...

it was fun!! :P ur worries wen u wer siting idel, ur happiness wen u got a seat for MBA, ur fear on life in hostel, ur roomie :P, college, internshp, life ki chote chote snaps, it was really naice :)

sawan said...

veyse, yes - i read ALL ur posts and commented on all :)

Anonymous said...

You, sweet lady, are Tagged! :). 40 questions... over at my blog. Hoping to see it soon over here too.... and muahahaha complaints on the length of the tag - I know you have it in you ;). And oh, hopefully you haven't done it already.

iamyuva said...

jobs-- you are better off passing out this year. since this year will be better than last 2yrs.. good timing.

in life- better things are always in the future.. look ahead.

Onwards & Upwards...

sulekkha said...

Loved your post shruti, especially the conclusion,it's very much like what I have written in my post La-La-Land on my blog....great writing...