Tuesday, November 3, 2009

That last phone call!

It's a new sense of calmness.What should I say? Maybe I am feeling relaxed now. I am happy that this conversation happened. And trust me it has helped me a lot in realigning a whole lot of different issues which were bothering me for quite a long time and also lessening the impact of one major emotion of restlessness.The best feeling which I have had in quite a long time.

The worst feeling in the whole world is when people tend to misunderstand you and you feel completely helpless, as right in front of your eyes, things seem to slip off your hands and get out of control.You know things are getting bad, but you just can't seem to put things in order. You want to re-order things, make the person sit and also make him understand what you are actually trying to say, but you feel bound & helpless.Things get bad and you can't seem to do anything!
Sometimes it's just the opposite effect- you try to say something, but the meaning which comes out of it turns out to be the opposite.

And now after that li'l talk, I feel as if all that negativity has been removed. Words are not enough when I want to describe the serenity washing through my heart and soul, the reason of the harmony I feel and the reason of that wide smile across my face.
Meanwhile, during the last few days when I was sulking,I did some weird things as in, nothing major, just a little bit online mess- deleting stuff,getting my name removed from the list of some very dear things. Well a little de-clutter ain't that bad!

Anger management lessons anyone? I seriously need to attend a couple of them!!

Things are actually not as bad as one thinks or imagines it to be. There in the mind we happily blow it out of proportion by imagining all the weirdest & negative things and sit and feel bad(or sulk) in return. Now I actually understand the importance of conversation in any relationship- be it a parent- child, teacher-student, among friends etc. Why to keep it boiling inside? If there is even an iota of doubt, insecurity or negativity, just vent it out, spit it out..talk it out. A heart to heart talk with the person who is the reason behind your troubles solves half of the problems. The moment we have a sincere open discussion, all that pent up bad feelings tend to evaporate in a jiffy, thereby leaving you so light-headed and free.

Now having listened to you, my earlier opinions about you have evaporated. Heh! Though it has always been good, it's now more positive, with a bit more vibrant colors added to it.

Ok whatevs, too much sappiness brimming. Time for some fresh air.


Kaka said...

u r right about misunderstanding....very true...good to hear that u got all those cleared...tc

Abhinav said...

You said it. you are relaxed now!

Mads said...

i didnt get a lot of stuff obviously but im glad things got cleared between u and X :)
u wrote this post really well btw.
got me thinking too. should clear up something with some people i know. but then its hard when the other person doesnt respond :)
take care :)

Weirdo guy said...

To be honest after the first para i went through the post like yada yada yada etc etc etc...

and then the post script caught my eye-"A soulmate has never stood true to his name when subjected to one-sided love"

And just for THAT one line i will say- FRIGGIN' good post ! *pats on head*

cheers !

Haddock said...

Good one.

Shruti said...

@kaka- Yes it's all clear n well!

Shruti said...

@abhinav- Relaxed n happy :)

Shruti said...

@mads- Thnx! Sometimes it's so hard to get things out of people n to get them talkin!

Shruti said...

@weirdo guy!!-
lol.. y such a weird name??
U hv an eye for detail then :)
Thanx..n keep visitin d space !

Shruti said...

@haddock- Thanx! Keep visiting the space :)

Aarini said...


Been there, done that and somehow learned to manage...

Liked your blog, glad I landed up here

Shruti said...

I guess everyone goes through a similar situation atleast once in their lifetime.

Thanks a lot for paying a visit to my blog..n liking it too! :)

sawan said...

as the airtel ad says "barriers break when people talk". i luvd this post. LOVED! good one Shruti, m happy i read this :)