Thursday, September 24, 2009

A forgotten verse

My life at present more or less corresponds to the following lines.
(Chanced upon in HT more than a decade ago)

The Glory of the sun

Every evening,

When the day meets the dusk,

I sit in my window and watch

The sinking sun.

When the light fades away slowly,

And the hours grow quietly and lonely,

My heart too sinks within my soul, inspired

For I know not if I will see

The glory of the sun again.


Kaka said...

nice write....:)...

Karthik said...

Why so morose?
I wish you see the glory of the Sun daily. :-)
A nice verse by the way..

Shruti said...

@kaka- thanks :)

@karthik- these are b'ful lines indeed..but this time it was not me who wrote.. i saw these lines as a kid in a national daily n scribbled it down immediately in a diary...such was the impact, even at that age!!
though these lines reflect my thoughts at present..

N J said...

Neat piece of work!

sawan said...

the glory of sun rays s that u and i see it. if not for us, who wud have defined glory :)