Friday, September 25, 2009

De-clutter !

Clutter is bad. It fills one's life with misery.
Why to clutter life when it is already filled with enough woes? So I am now taking out time to specifically remove all kinds of mess from different parts of my life. Its tiring being constantly depressed and putting on masks each & every time.

Sometimes one just has to let go. There are things which are just not meant to be and thinking forever about it is just not worth it. Old and useless things have to be discarded to allow new and better things in life. Clutter also takes up space both physical and mental , in the process giving in a lot of negative energy to the already muddled up life. We all have a habit of collecting, keeping and never disposing off things in the name of memories and remembrance. It's a futile thing to do because things happen, and they happen for a reason and accumulating things related to them only adds up to the so called clutter.

A physical clutter can be thrown off but what about the mental clutter which is stagnant and doesn't get disposed off even if one wishes to? Therein lies the challenge, a human dilemma!

P.S- For the time being,I have moderated my comments section, so if by any chance, it takes some time to appear here, kindly bear with me. Cheers!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A forgotten verse

My life at present more or less corresponds to the following lines.
(Chanced upon in HT more than a decade ago)

The Glory of the sun

Every evening,

When the day meets the dusk,

I sit in my window and watch

The sinking sun.

When the light fades away slowly,

And the hours grow quietly and lonely,

My heart too sinks within my soul, inspired

For I know not if I will see

The glory of the sun again.