Saturday, July 4, 2009

Well I am clearly wasting my time!

I have no idea what's up with me lately. The whole project thing is getting on my nerves. Initially when I started it, I was damn excited and was dead sure it will get completed on time but lately I have started ignoring it bigtime. Here am I sitting and whiling away my time, well past the deadline. Now I know why they call it a deadline- You are sure to be dead at the hands of the boss if the work ain't complete! Wow, I am a genius!! (*self pats on back*). Even though I know it's pending, I am hell bent on wasting my time on the charms of the internet- social networking & stuff. I get these frightening looks from dad whenever he sees me wasting time but I seem not to be bothered! This is what happens when 24x7 internet is there at home and even when the power goes off, I can always connect it to my laptop and work(?humph work!) . Now I want the connection to be removed. It's like a sinful temptation- no matter how hard you try to control, you feel like going back to it. Oh! to be able to update your latest status to the world, to post your snaps, to chat endlessly with friends, to find your old friends and get new ones, to secretly snoop on each other's lives, to poke, to abuse...the list is endless. He surely is a genius- the creator of the 1st ever networking site. Yes, long ago I was bored of this, but now lately facebook has caught my fancy and I seem to be loving it.

So what's new? My new template here is new and I guess whenever I get my bouts of boredom and whenever writer's block plagues me, this would be my new pastime- changing & re-changing my template- the snazzier the better. The readers are welcome to comment whether they like it or not :) Also as you can see a new "Links U can use" section on the top right hand side has been added. Yesterday I got a mail from some Jenelia who claimed she was a web designer and will help me get my blog some traffic provided I put these site links here. Though I am not sure whether her claims are genuine or not but there is no harm in giving it a try. Hey, I don't mind an extra bit of publicity to this blog ;)

Coming back to point. Oh God! Please shower me with your blessings. Let me get enlightened, let the moment of truth roar at me so that I can actually start giving more importance to essential things in my life, rather than wasting my energy on futile things. Now only some magic can help me in getting this project completed.


peter said...

Be happy, at least u are busy..this vellagiri sucks with a Capital 'S'.

Try putting those links ..they might increase ur site traffic least the people who mail, claim so.
Google adsense is the best...try that out if u want to.

shruti said...

Why is it that people on the other side of the fence envy people on this side of the fence & vice-versa??..
When one is vella, he wants 2 b busy ... n wen one is busy.... he wants 2 run away n be vella!!
I guess humans r never happy with their situation!!!

google adsense...K wil try dat out

peter said...

You know what i got a mail from the same girl ..Jenelia..and she had written exact things which you have mentioned ...I think she reached thru ur blog !

shruti said...

achha hai yaar.. u know na the symbiotic r'ship i mentioned..
it's their way of doing business n giving us some traffic (i mean only if their claims r correct)
dono parties ka bhala ho raha hai :D

sawan said...

tweeek ur html, try SEO. thy wud only offer a backlink, that too on a commercial type page. wudn be of grt benefit. gt ur hands dirty, blogger gives u the html codes :)