Saturday, June 13, 2009



sravanth said...

threshold horror it would be..
something like a hell in a cell match for the wwe heavy weight title between the undertaker and triple-h..lolzz

hostel life is something worth a life time(atleast for me..rite now i am studying at a national university and i take shelter in the govt hostels provided by the university.and i find the life there to be awesome)of course,opinions are meant to be versatile..

good one yaar....truly...
(made me know beeter abt my opposite sex)

do post "genuine-shruthi" posts.they are quite the gal of the nxt door..

keep blogging.we bloggers are immortal..

cli khere

thank you,

Sharad Sharma said...

haha.. your answer to the question in the topic is true to the core but I wonder why ? :|
It'd be good to have your partner be friends (or at least not enemies),with your good female friends or so I hope


shruti said...

@sravanth-lol 'hell in a cell"

@sharad- wat 2 do? i guess girls r by nature over-possesive n over-jealous, not all though.. They just can't seem 2 handle other girls in their guy's life. how tragic!!

Mads said...

Hehe...nice one..and it's so true. I dunno whats with girls. I love guys for being so chilled out abt such stuff..
P.S- If I were in the gf's place, I would crib too and get jealous,I know :P We girls naa :X :(
nice post :)

shruti said...

@mads- uff... girls n their numerous nakhras.. the control freak gfs are the one species of girls that get on my nerves

Karthik said...

Terrific! He's got to be the bravest among the male species! :-)

sawan said...