Sunday, June 14, 2009

Things you needn't know about me- Part 2

Here is a partial insight to the inner workings of my twisted mind (in continuation of part 1)

1. I want to write a chick-lit novel before I turn 35 coz I have a feeling I have high chances of being single till(or even above!) that age (God forbid I don’t die single :D). These days it’s considered hip(atleast in some social circles) when you are a single, independent, modern working woman in your 30s and you are churning out books which appeal to the sensibilities of urban women a la Advaita Kala, Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan . Also it’s not just the hip factor which is tempting but I also think that I’ll be able to do justice to a plot of a chick-lit in a pretty decent way. Man, my mind does think romantic (and kinky) sometimes- both essential ingredients of a chick-lit.

2. My friends think that I am an emotion-less, stone-hearted person who doesn’t value relationships (My OB teacher also thought so). They also think I am way too mature for my age, (mentally), though my folks think exactly the opposite (they think I’ll never grow up and will forever behave childish). What do I think in this entire melee’? Well, I am definitely not emotion-less, the fact is that I don’t believe in showing my real emotions to the world. I am like a coconut, hard outside, soft inside. Why the hell should you expose your weaknesses to unknown people (knowing a person for 4 months or so doesn’t qualify him/her to be a sounding board for your feelings or secrets or whatsoever?).

3. I am not an attention- seeker. If attention comes my way (and most of the times it comes by unknowingly and for the wrong reasons), I don’t mind. Who doesn’t like being showered with attention? If you are human, you’ll love it (even animals love it). But I hate the ‘for the wrong reasons part’. What can I do , can’t help it – for one of the greatest misunderstood personalities that I am!!

4. Fair men are disgusting (was that too bad a word?). (If you are fair and a man and probably reading this, you’ll definitely hate this one). I mean specially that overtly clean, spruced up and fair look gets on my nerves unless he is working in the front-office of a 5-star hotel or a flight attendant. I don’t know but I feel that the fairness gives them a good boy image and that oh-so-damned mama’s boy image (*eeks*). Mama’s boys are the most disastrous species on earth. And the good-boy image is not that good (he’ll never know when to be bad *wink*). Ask any girl around, most of them like the classic clich├ęd TDH variety.

5. Ah yeah another hideous breed is what the fashionistas have termed the metrosexual lot –men who are explicitly concerned about the way they look. Those who go in for regular beauty treatments and are loaded with junk jewellery- studs, chains, bling and what not. I mean they should definitely be hygiene-conscious but not so obsessed with the way they look that they start outdoing the percentage of women going to beauty parlours. Guys are better when they behave like men and not exhibiting women-like qualities. Dudes, leave all that ‘sajna-savarna’ for the ladies. It’s their domain.

P.S.- A message for all the guys out there- Don’t ever be caught dead with that tube of ‘Fair and Handsome’ which I know most of you are secretly using :D

6. My concentration level, interest and attention span diminishes fast and coz of this I get bored easily. I will be doing one thing at a time and thinking of something entirely different at the same time. I don’t know what fancy name to give to this activity (like we have ‘multi tasking’ for doing 2 or more things at a time). What’s the name for thinking of something (or many things) different when you are working on one thing? Does anyone know?

7. And I can see the lost in interest now, I mean how much can one write about oneself and that too as if you guys want to know all this.. LOL. So here I am signing off for now. Ciao.