Friday, May 29, 2009

Things you needn't know about me- Part 1

I am planning to write a series on this topic i.e. as and when I think of something hilarious/silly/interesting/nonsense statements about me (basically stuff which won’t make much sense or even any difference to you readers), I’ll share some of them here. Here goes the first set of them:-

1. At my home, my folks are the one who govern the remote control and the idiot box instead of me and I guess my place will be the only one where this kind of a situation happens rather than the other way round. And even if I protest that it’s my birthright to watch what I want, when I want , they have ways to shut my mouth and the innocent me (the mute spectator to the atyachaar ) easily surrenders.

2. My temper is explosive. I normally control it tremendously, but when it explodes, the greatest volcanoes will shy off. (ask my ex-roommate- we are the biggest enemies now)

3. I am an introvert (conditions apply). I normally don’t mingle easily, nor am I the first one to strike off a conversation but when I do start talking (and if I am in the mood), God save the listener.

4. An online friend (a person whose words I take quite seriously for the sheer wealth of his experience, age and wisdom) once commented that he sees traits of dual personality in me (*gasp*). I was so shocked that I started feeling queasy and imagining myself as a person with the personality disorder. I, infact started searching hysterically the net for the next 2 days on articles related to this topic. (I still feel he may have been right!)

5. I hate the vegetable lady’s finger (bhindi). I can eat any edible thing on this planet but the sight of this thing anywhere makes me wanna run miles away.

6. I kind of like the ‘thinking brood’ class of men, especially men with specs. The silent, serious, thinking, brooding lot really makes me curious about them. The types who are least bothered about the ‘most glamorous girl around’ and who look like as if they are seriously considering the global warming or what happened in Antarctica and as if the whole world economy is on their shoulders(*guffaws*). Anyways, there is a charm to them, the ‘forever engaged in thoughts’ personality, the ‘minimal speaker' (omg! Now I am going on & on. I better stop now.)

7. I hate make-up, and the rare times when I have to do it, it scares me off. I feel suffocated and feel I have been whitewashed with distemper and can’t wait till I get home, wash it off and feel human again.

8. My folks think that I am a hopeless, aimless, duffer, loser, good- for- nothing creature due to a lot of reasons, one of them is mentioned in the next point. ( A secret- I actually give them such an impression as I don’t want them to see me as super intelligent or super cool, which I am anyways not!! Though parents do wish their kid was like that.)

9. My career goals have never stuck to one field and till date it hasn’t. Throughout my life I have kept oscillating between aspiring to be a journalist, radio/video jockey, advertising/media/PR professional, cabin crew, fashion model (have I missed on something?..Yes, once I also wanted to be miss universe (holy joke!). And now in management (even this I am not sure of as I feel I’ll end up doing something else). Never once have I aspired to be a doctor, engineer, software/IT professional, and my dad still hates me for not having chosen engineering after XII. I have had a knack of most of the subjects but still have zilch knowledge of anything. An 11-year old kid whom I knew once commented “Jab dekho aap padhai karte rehte ho? Kabhi yeh padhte ho, kabhi wo padhte ho? Hamesha padhte rahoge to job kab karoge, shaadi kab karoge?”...LOL. I tried to explain things to her but she was not convinced :(

10. I am a narcissist, not an extreme one but yes, a mild self-obsession creeps in sometimes.


peter said...

#1 It's exactly opposite at my home

#2 same pinch ;)

#3 same pinch again.

#4 You believed someone u have never met ? really ? No one else knows how good or how bad you are other than you. trust me !

#5 No comments

#6 ROFL at global warming point =))

#7 Being natural is a trend now..!

#8 Ohh poor you :(

#9 Mine too, but finally um an engg (LORD save the world) :D :D

#10 Self obsession is good at times, trust me ;)

shruti said...

@peter- LOL
this post was pretty candid ..that's why it turned out to be funny

Sharad Sharma said...

this was a fun read even though it was not on a topic of common interest :P

well written


shruti said...

@sharad..glad u liked it...hopefully i'll bring out more such funny stuff..
n thnx for following :)

Nirmal said...

these kinda secrets shud never leak can work against u sometimes..

For eg..if ur future husband reads about the remote stuff, u will die without using tat gadget..

shruti said...

@nirmal- LOL .. dude the wasy u deal wid da hubby is different from the way u deal wid parents.. he cant even think of governing the remote coz he'll be dead den...n gurlz know da tactics ;)

The Vitruvian Boy said...

interesting post....
found many similarities... :)

waiting for more...

shruti said...

more is to come..

The Solitary Writer said...

i find many things common yaa....remote control thing....

u hate bindi :P..... gosh!!! maa says' beta bhindi khaao...remembrance power badegi ' lol

hey about point 6..i thot the thinking brood class of men esp with specs were naughty..i cudnt stop laughing aftr reading the 6th point.. dnt know why :p

yeah temper thing . ... applies to me as well.... . me gets angry very fast... . have many nick names related to this quality of mine... .short circuit,short fuse, angry young man etc.... nice post...waiting for ur part 2

shruti said...

all moms are the same u see.. they wanna stuff their kids wid bhindi..dey think their kid will become d next einstein .. :D :D

well dnt know abt d naughty thing...but i do like them..

sravanth said...

mate,awesome to say at the least the post was...
stupendous it was reading..
my sister generally faces situations like these..

nt gettin a chance to hav her cntrl over the t.v...

sm things lyk dese..lolzz..

mate,i du blog even

n i wud b vry pleased if u can amke it 2 my blog..

and pls read this post too..the post wich i cheer the most..

n du comment on that.
either on my blog..
or to my gmail thing
it is..
n my orkut id is also the same..

mate,hope u make ur mark on my blog..
tahn you,

kochuthresiamma p .j said...

hey u sound a v intersting person.
and dont believe this dual personality business.

shruti said...

@ kochuthresi- I sometimes can very much feel certain contrasting n extreme emotions at d same time.. rather, feeling someting raging in the heart n displaying a different set of emotions towards the world

sawan said...

lol @ 7 & 9 :P