Monday, May 18, 2009

Her human side & the sweltering heat

She’s a human after all.
I got to see her human side today. ( Now why am I using the word 'human'. It's coz no matter how hard I try to make myself understand, I can't deny the fact that she does give me the jitters & interestingly she hasn't done anything demonic till now, not that I am waiting for it..LOL. My mind which, you by now know, is expert in fabricating things up imagines her persona to be..I don't know! Forget it.)

It was her birthday. We were called to the cafeteria to celebrate the D-day and boy wasn’t she looking thrilled and like a little kid. The twinkle in her eyes showed the excitement she was going through as everyone gathered around her to wish her, a big black forest cake waiting for her to cut.
She said this was the biggest audience she has ever seen on her b’day, thanks to all the trainees. Don’t know whether she said that mockingly or seriously. Without anyone prompting her she sang a song to which she said you might not have heard it before. It was true.

The heat is getting on to me like anything. Delhi summers are pathetic and the zillion power cuts at my place make it all the more traumatic. After a long day at work, the only thing which you long for is a bed and an air-conditioned room but the moment I am about to crash down, batti gul. Then I find myself cursing everyone- myself (for being in this wretched situation), my family (for buying a house here a decade back), and of course, the grand old government (for making poor citizens' life a living hell).

Summer internship can get taxing. But then who said MBA was easy? So toil away..


Zillionbig said...

it was nice reading your rambles....go on, buddy:))

shruti said...

thnx :)
n yeah thnx for following the blog..
keep on reading. interesting things may follow.

sawan said...

i like the title :) never knew delhi sweats!! i was under the impression tht delhi is always cool!! :( how sad m i in geography?? four years back i was talking to a frnd and i asked, is mumbai nearer to hyd or is delhi? maybe the innocence in ma face made him stop laughing :P

possessiveness never holds back a relationship. the earlier p realizes that, the better for their relationship. god bless them :)

ur boss sang? :P thats nice :) i have had 4 bosses in ma life nd i hvnt hrd anyone sing :P lol so wut did u gift??