Monday, May 11, 2009

Bossed up!

Golden words are never repeated, they say. True.

There she goes saying those few and far in between 15 words & the most important ones but alas they'll never be repeated again. You hear it or you don't. Don't even dare to miss out on listening carefully to what she has to say.

Important people, you see speak less often but when they do speak, it'll be worth a million bucks.

Usually it's me who goes upto her and shows stuff which I did till now, all that time holding on to my breath waiting for her to open her mouth and reply/approve. But today she called me up when I was feeling dead sleepy (though she didn't know it) to give some info, (omg!...golden words) and trust me I didnt listen (I was only hearing) as I was so preoccupied with being all nice & professional & a willing worker & hard working etc etc that the moment I came to my senses it was over..she had spoken & ordered. I was left dazed.

You have this constant urge to show them that see guys, I am working and not wasting my time here. Sometimes you just don't know what's right and what's not . You are confused that whether you are doing the right thing. Most of the times I screw up things..but hey, I get it right too sometimes ( I am modest, you see...*smirk*)

Maybe I just imagine things up, in my mind I just give a big deal to things and blow them up. But ultimately it ends up being pretty simple things and when I look back at them I realise that I was unecessarily making a mountain out of a molehill.

By the way, I know she's sweet & helpful, it's only that she looks like that. Being at a position of authority does bring a kind of a scary look as you have so many responsibilities. Waise she doesn't order, she just tells and isn't that the way it should be rather than the other way round? Let me feel I am blessed. She has to be the good boss.

See I know all that. I am chillaxed now :)


Sharad Sharma said...

ah I had sense of deja vu,reading this post.

Thanks.. it brought back some amazing memories for me :)


shruti said...

@sharad- i guess all bosses are the same..their looks being the only thing different..
basic motive is to torture the employees n extract all their sweat n blood!!

sawan said...

ur boss transferred!! from sinner to saint in six pragraphs :P be in her seat and u might relize tht u r no difrnt :) but yes, assh**ls does exist. amen.