Monday, April 20, 2009

Exam dilemma

Things can’t get worse than this. It’s 11.30 in the night and the end term papers start from tomorrow and wow this girl seems to have studied nothing despite of the fact that the books were all strewn across and the only thing she remembers now is that all this while somewhere in the subconscious of her mind she knew she had to study but it just didn’t happen! Instead she sits and decides that she’ll blog about her pathetic

This has always been the case with me, i.e. during exams my mind suddenly starts working overtime not for the subject which is due next day but rather it starts churning out philosophical stuff and lo! all the poetry and thoughts start flowing out of this li’l brain when it should be rather concentrating more on all those bloody MBA theories. I guess it’s because the brain becomes proactive and blocks out what seems unnecessary to it and thinks on more practical lines…howzzat? That’s what happens when you know you have realized it long time back that you are inadvertently chosen the wrong career path but it’s too late to rectify that mistake. So the only solution left is to tolerate what seems a utter waste of time and absolutely useless to one’s mighty self!!

For a long time now (maybe from the time I joined this ‘oh-so-loved-by-all’ MBA thingy) this has been my mantra in life –THIS TOO SHALL PASS i.e. somewhere deep inside a hope that this difficult situation will soon pass leading on to something better. Maybe this is what has got me going all these months when there where high chances of me dropping out of this course with the frequency with which this thought has crossed my mind in the last one year. So here I am hell bent on sticking on with it and torturing myself in return( yeah, a torture that it is to me!). Anyways then what was that one field which was meant for me..ah! that’s another long story. Will spill it out some other time. Till then adieu!
Here goes a little prayer so that I don’t flunk in the papers *sigh*.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Change is constant. People change,situations change,environment changes.
Its a universal phenomena that that the old has to be discarded to give way to new beginnings. And if one doesn't change then it means he is not a part of the natural process.
So why not change?