Friday, October 17, 2008

Holed up!!

Hey people..... Man, I am back after eons!!!
I know it's been ages since I have blogged... as if I was hibernating in a
Anyways, can't tell you how much short I am on time even when writing this post...
Studies are taking a bigtime toll on my life(did anyone say MBA is easy...naaah!!)
Don't have time to's revolving only around books, presentations, projects, assignments, vivas , exams etc etc.
God! when will I have a life of my own, a few minutes of peace?


kochuthresiamma p .j said...

'God! when will I have a life of my own, a few minutes of peace?'
after u finish ur MBA:-)
and peace? u know peace can be boring

shruti said...

hi kochuthresiamma.. thanx for visiting my blog..
in life we always tend to wish any present(uncomfortable/unappealing) situation to subside fast & aspire for the good happy days to come...
but the fact is that wen we reach the end of that uncomfortable situation.. all those days of tears n difficulties seem to vanish into thin air n we feel we were feeling gloomy all these days for no reason..

but then something else creeps in... a brand new unappealing situation n we have to gather fresh courage to deal with the new sitaution..

Hope i made sense!!

sawan said...

u r done Shruti!! u wud never get back ur school days again :P PEACE is memory now :) get adjusted with the flow of the day, cos 5 mins with a FRIEND and a cup of coffee is going to be a luxury soon :)