Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dreams,siestas etc.

Just woke up from an afternoon siesta. Was that a dream I saw?(ha,some of them can be really unmentionable...lol). Feeling like blogging now. Infact,every now and then I feel like blogging,but either I get lazy or I feel that penning down thoughts in a diary takes far less time than typing on a keyboard. This way I am not doing justice to this blog as it's not serving the very purpose for which it was created,thanks to it's creator(me). Hope that improves soon.

I am still in a state of stupor and thinking of the dream I just saw. It's kind of funny as people think if it's day,then you are daydreaming, but isn't daydreaming something you do with your eyes open and which normally includes silly thoughts. Then what was that,- a siesta dream?? Whatever it was ,I was definitely not daydreaming (though I do that sometimes,but I am sure this time it was a dream I saw with my eyes closed..in my sleep). I know it's not unnatural if you dream, happens to everybody, but what if they start chasing you when you doze off!! Yeah, it seems to be happening with me-early morning, morning, noon, afternoon, evening, night,late night.. perhaps everyday. Most of them turn out to be nightmares,that too early in the morning(now according to good old superstition,if you see a dream early in the morning,it becomes true)!! In that case, why not a single of them turned out to be true...lolz (TOUCHWOOD!!)

I still remember once as a kid,one night while going off to sleep,I prayed to God asking him to make me dream that night(thinking of which makes me feel silly,but what to do,kids do the weirdest things sometimes). Fast forward to this day,I hate dreaming,just because the frequency and duration of them has increased, I mean I can go on dreaming in my deep slumber. I wonder why I dream so much- maybe my mind is filled with a variety of thoughts(ranging from good,bad to ugly), maybe I just need to get busy for a while(which is very soon going to happen), or maybe I just need to stop thinking too much(which is very difficult!).

The other day I got to read some truly inspiring quotes,one of them was " Much of what we imagine will become reality".If that's the case, I may or may not want half of what I imagine,rather dream to be true(obviously depends on whether they are good,bad or ugly).

Anyways, as dreams are tax-free and the human mind has no control on their occurence,I have no choice but to keep on dreaming till they stop chasing me...sigh!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Finally the wait is over. Now i will be getting back to my studies after a long gap (phew, those couple of months felt like ages to me : . I am through with the admission process of the b-school. Yippee,i m happy that i m gonna do an MBA. Eagerly waiting for the classes to start and looking forward to my first ever experience in a hostel....hmm,though a bit apprehensive about it but definitely excited. My folks seem to be worried as they r still wondering as to how will i stay away 4m them :D. But i have told them like i'll be cool there. I really don't know what kind of a roomie will i get,whether she's gonna be the 'sudhri' types or the 'bigdi' types...lol!!

OMG it's difficult to wait for 1 more month.