Sunday, June 1, 2008


Finally the wait is over. Now i will be getting back to my studies after a long gap (phew, those couple of months felt like ages to me : . I am through with the admission process of the b-school. Yippee,i m happy that i m gonna do an MBA. Eagerly waiting for the classes to start and looking forward to my first ever experience in a hostel....hmm,though a bit apprehensive about it but definitely excited. My folks seem to be worried as they r still wondering as to how will i stay away 4m them :D. But i have told them like i'll be cool there. I really don't know what kind of a roomie will i get,whether she's gonna be the 'sudhri' types or the 'bigdi'!!

OMG it's difficult to wait for 1 more month.



cool.... MBA is the thing to do these days :)

shruti said...

yeah,absolutely :)

sawan said...

bigdi hui thina frst one?? :P