Tuesday, April 8, 2008

mom , me & 'padhai'

Had a long discussion today with mom about how the education system is ruining us. I have had hundreds of discussions on the same topic before , but somehow this seems to be my favourite subject(ah,poor me!!). Now i feel a big void in my life, for the fact that i never participated bigtime in any extra-curricular activities in school(am talking about major participation in sports,dance etc.),to the level that could be boasted of or for that matter have numerous certificates or awards to my credit. Whatever little i did apart from studies in school was basically small-scale(now difficult to go into details!!) .

What I get out of the whole system is that no matter,how intelligent or dumb you were throughout ur school life,it actually doesn't matter in the long run.What actually matters is what marks are displayed in ur XII marksheet. Literally ,ur whole life hangs on those numerals in that paper. Ofcourse,the educationists won't agree with me, for they will blabber about how u can make ur life better even if u don't get decent marks n blah blah n turn out to be successful. Aargh these lectures bug me. Now why am I cribbing about it now-it's just coz inspite of being a topper throughout my school life , I screwed up my XII exams...(sigh!)...& the ghost still haunts me ;)

Interestingly, my undergraduate college admission was totally based on my debating experience in school and not purely on my XII result!!(How IRONIC!!)

Now back to my discussion with mom(she now literally sleeps through the topic,for this may be the same topic nth time)...but kya kare aadat se majboor..lol. So i was telling her how school-life as a kid should not be be spent burdened with books but enjoying the joys of childhood, playing, 'masti-maaring' n what not.... puhleez no studies. Why to give unecessary burden on li'l minds?? Infact i have seen numerous cases who were dumb throughout school, but came out with flying colours in XII...the kind of kids who were busy playing forever, suddenly became serious in the last moment.

Moral of the story ;)

Concentrate on extra-curriculars in school & work hard only in ur XII, coz that's what matters ultimately. Extra-curriculars like music,dance,sports will be there with u throughout ur life & will also help in future admissions even if u don't have great scores in XII.. but the bookish,boring stuff in school...oh,never...it just filters out of the mind once out of school.

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sawan said...

i wana hear how u advice ur kids :P