Monday, April 28, 2008

misunderstood !

Why am i often it friends,family or even a stranger. No matter how hard i try, i end up getting misunderstood. So many times has it happened that i meant something else but what i ultimately conveyed was exactly the opposite. Just a few days back, i stumbled upon an article on numerology in the newspaper. It said that people who are number 4 are often misunderstood for they are original and creative in their ideas..sigh!! N yes, i am a number 4....which means people are not as creative as i am or maybe I am too difficult for them to understand !! :D ..hmm, some solace there :) Atleast now i can pacify myself that it's actually not my fault, it's the numbers out there which are at fault.

Now i can safely say what i want to without being conscious of the fact that somebody will get judgemental...for atleast, the numerologist understands me!!


Karthik said...

I wonder why every girl feels like this.. :-)
Perhaps every girl is a number 4.
I should probably go visit a numerologist and get my number.. ;-)

Shruti said...

Lol.. it's easy to get ur number.
Just add the digits of ur birth date.. n that's d no.

N generalization is bad!

Karthik said...

Oye, that was meant to be in good humour. No offense.

sawan said...

wut does 3 say? :P