Monday, March 3, 2008

why not CAT?

CAT- the biggest test for an MBA program was not attempted by me..yeah,that's right coz in the 1st case I didnt have a plan of writing it nor was I prepared for it .. so one fine day when I had made up my mind of doing an MBA..I thought I'll give MAT coz that was the only option left which seemed feasible to me n my dad. After that, what I thought to be a mountain actually turned out to be a molehill coz i scored farely decent marks n was flooded with offers(n still am).
But then nothing seemed to be appropriate, i mean not a single institute looked good inspite of being ranked decently in the numerous ranking-list published( ofcourse i m not talking about IIMs or the top 15 premier B-schools). But still,so what if i have not given CAT, the institute i wish to join in can atleast be worth the money i spend...isn't it?
So it's been quite a while since i have started crossing my fingers n wishing for some magic to happen so that i come out of this dilemna soon...OH! GOD PLEASE BLESS ME


Benny said...

So.. did u give up MAT r CAT?where did u join?? Hav plans of takin both the xams this yr :( no other option

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sawan said...

looking back, wut say?? did God bless?? :P m sure he did. each day u spent wud be worth the pain. trust me on that.