Monday, March 3, 2008

SMS lingo's side effects

You might have noticed,the language i use in my posts is a mix of SMS lingo & correct english phrases. The obvious reason is that we r so much addicted to our cellphones n text messages that it has affected our language bigtime. As a result,lack of patience seeps in & the last thing we wanna do is type in long words. So u'll notice-

- i,u(instead of I,U)

- 2,b,c (instead of to,be,see)

- short forms of the majority of words

- d,dey,dis(instead of the,they,this)

....and a host of other words.... list goes on....

A person who's not used to this kinda language may initially confuse it with crap language skills but hey, i don't think that in this age n time people r not aware of sms lingo(obviously if they r reading a blog on internet,it automatically means they r tech-savvy) .

Anyways can't change bad habits but trust me,no matter how we try to change our language to suit our needs ,the beauty of the English language lies in its phrases, punctuations & words.This can never be replaced with any SMS lingo.. With this i hope to use language correctly..but i know it's difficult to change. But it's ok...i m only blogginng yaar not sittting for an Eng. language test... :P

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sawan said...

man invent things to make his future inventions easier :)