Tuesday, March 4, 2008

sittin idle

Why do i always feel some people have all the luck by their side? Or,everyone around has something or the other going in their life. And ME sitting idle with no work to do,nothing going on with me,no exciting stuff happening! It's absolutely AAWWful. Atleast this is what is happening at this point of time....i m totally velli. But this is not what one says:" Life seems greener on the other side". No,this ain't that...gotcha? Right now,at this particular moment I am totally work -less,well maybe not,coz I do daydream(isn't that a work?)..lolz!!

Anyways,just hoping for things to turn out well and...until then God save my idle mind from turning into a devil's workshop...or has it already?

1 comment:

sawan said...

how do u feel reading this now? :) i had similar emotions wen i compltd my BTech and was siting jobless. now i wish i had some free time for myself :) irony of life!