Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Sometimes it's just better to be left alone rather than being constantly nagged at. I feel i think better when solitude is my company, but they rarely understand this. Is it that one is always doin something wrong? NO, i don't think so. Inspite of being a major! A person learns from exploration n inquisitiveness, but disturbance (in the form of curiosity from their sides as to what i m doing etc.) hampers all that. Rather i end up being frustrated for no fault of mine! How do i explain things to them? If i do have a talk with them,they think i m talking nonsense or utter waste. huh! Mapa pleassse i m not doing anything disastrous rather i m just using my faculties for some constructive purposes which will be useful for me in the long run. If i m workin on my PC for a few extra hrs it doesn't mean i m goin down the dumps.... i may just turn out to be intelligent u see ;)

Freedom is my right according to the constitution. :)

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sawan said...

freedom to advice and freedom to crib! :P