Monday, March 3, 2008

Me & MBA

For the past so many months, i m contemplating doing an MBA... I would have already started doing it provided i was ready to join one of the numerous pvt. B-schools that have thronged the length n breadth of delhi n NCR. With each passing day...the MBA dream either gets diminished or starts shining more than ever before, reason being the changes in my state of mind(which is at one point of time sad n dejected n then suddenly elated) . I always thought entrances for professional courses were one big mountain to climb as they were supposed to be soooo tough until i gave MAT & realised that it wasn't the way i thought about entrances(btw MAT is comparatively easier than most of d MBA entrances...hehe see how am making fun of my intelligence level!!)). .Anyways gave it a shot, passed it n now am flooded with hell lot of call letters from god-knows what all different kinds of institutes.
Now here i m undecided about which one to choose, confused( mayb the wires in my brain may be a tangled lot as of now).
to b continued...

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sawan said...

now that uve almost completed ur course, r u thinking of the road not taken? :P