Tuesday, March 4, 2008

sittin idle

Why do i always feel some people have all the luck by their side? Or,everyone around has something or the other going in their life. And ME sitting idle with no work to do,nothing going on with me,no exciting stuff happening! It's absolutely AAWWful. Atleast this is what is happening at this point of time....i m totally velli. But this is not what one says:" Life seems greener on the other side". No,this ain't that...gotcha? Right now,at this particular moment I am totally work -less,well maybe not,coz I do daydream(isn't that a work?)..lolz!!

Anyways,just hoping for things to turn out well and...until then God save my idle mind from turning into a devil's workshop...or has it already?


Sometimes it's just better to be left alone rather than being constantly nagged at. I feel i think better when solitude is my company, but they rarely understand this. Is it that one is always doin something wrong? NO, i don't think so. Inspite of being a major! A person learns from exploration n inquisitiveness, but disturbance (in the form of curiosity from their sides as to what i m doing etc.) hampers all that. Rather i end up being frustrated for no fault of mine! How do i explain things to them? If i do have a talk with them,they think i m talking nonsense or utter waste. huh! Mapa pleassse i m not doing anything disastrous rather i m just using my faculties for some constructive purposes which will be useful for me in the long run. If i m workin on my PC for a few extra hrs it doesn't mean i m goin down the dumps.... i may just turn out to be intelligent u see ;)

Freedom is my right according to the constitution. :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

SMS lingo's side effects

You might have noticed,the language i use in my posts is a mix of SMS lingo & correct english phrases. The obvious reason is that we r so much addicted to our cellphones n text messages that it has affected our language bigtime. As a result,lack of patience seeps in & the last thing we wanna do is type in long words. So u'll notice-

- i,u(instead of I,U)

- 2,b,c (instead of to,be,see)

- short forms of the majority of words

- d,dey,dis(instead of the,they,this)

....and a host of other words.... list goes on....

A person who's not used to this kinda language may initially confuse it with crap language skills but hey, i don't think that in this age n time people r not aware of sms lingo(obviously if they r reading a blog on internet,it automatically means they r tech-savvy) .

Anyways can't change bad habits but trust me,no matter how we try to change our language to suit our needs ,the beauty of the English language lies in its phrases, punctuations & words.This can never be replaced with any SMS lingo.. With this i hope to use language correctly..but i know it's difficult to change. But it's ok...i m only blogginng yaar not sittting for an Eng. language test... :P

why not CAT?

CAT- the biggest test for an MBA program was not attempted by me..yeah,that's right coz in the 1st case I didnt have a plan of writing it nor was I prepared for it .. so one fine day when I had made up my mind of doing an MBA..I thought I'll give MAT coz that was the only option left which seemed feasible to me n my dad. After that, what I thought to be a mountain actually turned out to be a molehill coz i scored farely decent marks n was flooded with offers(n still am).
But then nothing seemed to be appropriate, i mean not a single institute looked good inspite of being ranked decently in the numerous ranking-list published( ofcourse i m not talking about IIMs or the top 15 premier B-schools). But still,so what if i have not given CAT, the institute i wish to join in can atleast be worth the money i spend...isn't it?
So it's been quite a while since i have started crossing my fingers n wishing for some magic to happen so that i come out of this dilemna soon...OH! GOD PLEASE BLESS ME

Me & MBA

For the past so many months, i m contemplating doing an MBA... I would have already started doing it provided i was ready to join one of the numerous pvt. B-schools that have thronged the length n breadth of delhi n NCR. With each passing day...the MBA dream either gets diminished or starts shining more than ever before, reason being the changes in my state of mind(which is at one point of time sad n dejected n then suddenly elated) . I always thought entrances for professional courses were one big mountain to climb as they were supposed to be soooo tough until i gave MAT & realised that it wasn't the way i thought about entrances(btw MAT is comparatively easier than most of d MBA entrances...hehe see how am making fun of my intelligence level!!)). .Anyways gave it a shot, passed it n now am flooded with hell lot of call letters from god-knows what all different kinds of institutes.
Now here i m undecided about which one to choose, confused( mayb the wires in my brain may be a tangled lot as of now).
to b continued...

Crib :/

Dad gets irritated when he sees me whiling away my time on any of these sites...he loathes the idea of chatting or whatever crap is done on these sites and asks me to stay away from them. He probably thinks i m doing some kinda crime here or that chatting is harmful for my li'l brain.