Friday, February 29, 2008

social networking

Finally social networking has its new meanings...
if u r not on one of these sites...u have not arrived.... so what if u r otherwise famous?..
well if to follow the crowd is the order of the let it fun in being left out..isn't it?
so maybe this feeling might have prompted me to join the "it" club once that i m not left behind(huh!!).

But this time hoping n wishing sincerely that i don't get bored of them 'once again' n start hating them (yeah, coz till a few months back one was a regular on the popular social networking site orkut and then having had a knack of it for a while started loathing it and ultimately had to delete the profile coz one was soooo sick of it) . I mean, just think of it you don't know half of the people in ur profile n u r supposed to maintain those mandatory 'hi', hello','wassup' with them ..& those numerous friend requests..Oh! God, gets on ur nerves sometimes. So thought of keeping my mind away from it n taking a break :/

But now i am once again joining it(...u see i was missing it badly all these months..*smirk*). I mean seriously once u get used to something, u just can't do without it after a while, and these sites make one attached to them for the fact that u can stay in touch with so many people. Just hoping that i get some genuine(if that word exists) friends..
who can make my otherwise dull life just a bit exciting...

So here I am ...back with a bang!

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sawan said...

:) i once deleted my orkut account, and later realised that it was the best birthday calender i had!! :P so i got it back, but i use ot only to check bdays :D facebook is better any day :P